Thursday, November 12, 2015

Weepy On Veterans' Day

I got weepy yesterday,

thinking of heroes.


I get like that around Veterans' Day ...

when I see commercials featuring a soldier surprising their kids with a homecoming...

 or deployed wishing their family Merry Christmas on TV...

when they are in uniform at the airport coming or going...



My guy served 22 years~

he's retired now.

It's such a blessing to have him home.

 I appreciate his sacrifice and the sacrifices of those who served and are still serving.

I appreciate the ones who never made it home.



 from the bottom of my heart.

I was grateful for motivation to create something for my person...

because words will never be enough for me~

(stamp: Papertrey Ink Superhero  dies: Mighty Oak/Photo Finish Strips  other: Royal Langnickel Watercolor)

He will always be my hero.

Check out the tutorial here, it's awesome~

hosted by Ashley Newell

Have you hugged your hero today?




Annette Allen said...

this card is gorgeous..

Jeni Jenne said...

AWW! Perfect! I agree...don't give me uniformed soldiers in the airport or I'll stop traffic to watch them go by!

Birgit said...

Beautiful. I'm all choked up. Just beautiful.

cm said...

Your post touches my heart, as does the card you made for your husband, your hero. I lost a good friend to a situation in Afghanistan, so I know, well, the sacrifices made and I appreciate them deeply deeply...