Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Strawberries in a Jar

I colored with pencils a little bit~

(stamps: Papertrey Ink Friendship Jar Summer Fillers  dies:Papertrey Ink Pint Jar,My Favorite Things Wonky Stitched Circles,Spellbinders Classic Circles, Avery Elle Dotted Elle-ments)

I was inspired by the following challenge~

 hosted by Melissa

I saw this inspirational pic and thought of the berries and pack of green patterned paper I had on hand.


 I'm thinking I'll send it to one of the teachers as the school year draws to a close~

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Sunday, February 26, 2017

Floral Mood Board Collage

This card took days to create~but I'd do it again.
I kept working with it and taking breaks in between errands and events this weekend.

 (stamps: Winnie & Walter My Precious/True sentiments)

This mood board was super inspiring~


Taking cues from Mayuri's challenge,
I inked the back of gems to create the floral images.

I'm a hoarder of patterned slivers, so it
was easy to find scraps for this card.

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Friday, February 24, 2017

Rock Star & Ink Smooshing

I played with ink smooshing, thanks to 

I inked an acetate sheet with two distress ink colors and sprayed with water.

I then smooshed it on to heavy white cardstock.

(stamps:Winnie & Walter True/My Precious "rock"  die:Avery Elle Dotted Elle-ments)

I allowed myself a large piece of cardstock to smoosh on, so that I could die-cut the part I liked.

The hardest part is waiting for it to dry!

I've had my "washi tape dipped" banner sitting on the sidelines, waiting for a chance to embellish a card.

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Bright Circles

(stamps: Winnie & Walter My Precious/True)

I was blessed to start my day yesterday with stamping and coloring~it set the tone for the rest of my day.

Coloring each section with brights and deciding which sliver to dot made my brain all tingly.

I'm also submitting this to 

 Simon Says Stamp (Wednesday): Anything Goes

I wanted to get these challenge posts up before my week slips away...

Gemstone Butterflies

Playing with my gemstone stamps brought about butterflies~

(stamps: Winnie & Walter My Precious/True sentiments)

 I love to save paper slivers for interesting details~

I usually stick with one side, but this card needed wings. ;)

 I'm not sure when I'll have a chance to sit at the computer again, so I may be linking up multiple posts.

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Floral Gems

I've been playing with gem stamps lately...

 (stamps: Winnie & Walter My Precious/True sentiments)

 and it's highly therapeutic!

Creating a pattern makes me feel all swimmy...like someone is brushing my hair.

Maybe it's just me~but my brain circuits LOVE IT.

I lined up two different gemstones from Winnie & Walter's My Precious set to create a pattern.

The rounded "petals" were stamped black, then I lined up the centers with smaller stones in red.

There's still time to participate in their variety of challenges!

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Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Red, Black,Kraft

I'm typing in the dark...

Now I know I'm boarding the obsessive train. ;)

I'm trying to sneak in a post before my dog hears me and my day gets away from me. 

You know how it is...
here's my card~


(stamps:Altenew Halftone Circles/Remember This  die:Avery Elle Wonky Stitches)


I hear the family up and moving so I better quit tip toeing about before they worry that I'm up to no good or losing it.

Have a good one!


Blue Circles & Mint Floral

It's the wee hours and I have a little time to share another floral card.

(stamps: Altenew Majestic Bloom, Neat & Tangled Falling Circles   dies:My Favorite Things Tree-mendous)

I enjoyed the process of creating it.

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Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Monday, February 20, 2017

2016:Celebrating the Past,Present & Future

(stamp:Papertrey Ink Tinsel & Tags  dies:Papertrey Ink Tinsel & Tags Basics/Tinsel & Tags Scenery,
Avery Elle Wonky Stitches)

I didn't have the featured sets, so I chose a project to jump from.

Bright spring colors of green and pink like Wanda's card here...

were incorporated in my Christmas card.

Pat on the back for one more in my stash!

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2008: Celebrating the Past, Present & Future

Ok, here's another celebration post! 

The year is 2008 and the set is the darling Bitty Baby Blessings.

I'll make it short and sweet~

here's my card...


(stamp: Papertrey Ink Bitty Baby Blessings/Half & Half  dies: Papertrey Ink Bitty Baby Blessings/Half & Half, Avery Elle Elle-ments Double Pierced Rectangles)

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2012: Celebrating the Past, Present & Future

I meant to spread these Celebration posts out more, but have minimal computer time to do it.

Sorry about that!

This is one of the reasons I don't allow the followers button on my blog.

It's feast or famine with my posts, and I don't want to drive peeps crazy! ;)

I have the Papertrey Ink set, Hello Sunshine, so I married it with a newer set, What the Doodle Waves for a gender-neutral card.

I'm thinking 💭 ...surfer guy or gal.

(stamps: Papertrey Ink Hello Sunshine/What the Doodle Waves  dies: Papertrey What the Doodle Waves, Avery Elle Wonky Stitches,My Favorite Things Wonky Stitched Circle)

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2015:Celebrating the Past, Present & Future

I am alll about angled panels~

I consistently park angled!

It's my defect, but I can use it on a card. ;)

(stamp: Papertrey Ink Communique Sentiments Mini  dies: Papertrey Ink Spruce & Sprigs,My Favorite Things Horizontal Stitched Strips,Avery Elle Wonky Stitches,Verve Rounded Rectangle) 

Just like the angled pieces in Maile's inspiration~
for Celebrating the Past, Present and Future: 2015

  I used the angles for interest.

I made sure to keep my sentiment parallel to the bottom of the card, rather than the panel it sits on, so it also looks angled.

I had all these wonderful elements sitting on my desk, waiting to be used on a card.

They seem to get along well.

Have a good one~



Sunday, February 19, 2017

Another Floral

I made it a point to stamp florals yesterday.

This was another I'm willing to share~

(stamps: Altenew Majestic Bloom  dies:My Favorite Things Wonky Stitched Circle)

 Is it obvious I'm partial to orange? :)

Goodness, I can't seem to walk away from it!

Once again, my Big Shot is my go-to tool!
Have a good one~


Small Things With Great Love

I stamped like crazy yesterday~and this was my favorite of the bunch.

(stamps: Neat & Tangled Scandinavian Prints  die: Avery Elle Elle-ments Double Pierced Rectangles)

Angling a die to crop a peek-a-boo print window gave the interest I was looking for (without compromising the simplicity of the presentation and sentiment).

I even popped the panel up because I'm so darn proud of it.  ;)

I can't imagine crafting without my Big Shot~ 



 This whimsical flower and patterned print window sing the same song as this sweet picture~

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Saturday, February 18, 2017

Floral Neutral

I fit those sympathy cards in now and again~

(stamps:Verve Great Friend/New Mercies) 

 I pictured a Hawaiian dress when I stamped this one~with brown and tan colors.

Man do I miss Hawaii!!!


Have a beautiful weekend~


Friday, February 17, 2017

2013:The Past, Present & Future

I don't own the sets highlighted at Papertrey from the 2013 post, but I pulled inspiration from a project to create another Christmas card.

(stamp: Papertrey Ink Wreath for All Seasons sentiment  dies: Papertrey Ink Tinsel & Tags Basics/Tinsel & Tags Scenery, Spellbinders Classic Circles,Avery Elle Elle-ments Double Pierced Rectangles)

The only reason I'm feeling Christmas in Feb., is because we've had snow the past few days.

I might as well use it to my advantage before I hear the birds chirping!

Here is  Ashley's creation, using stripes to back up a simple focal point~


 Here's an earthy combo that inspired me to use up patterned paper in my stash~


I don't have much else to chat about...I've got Friday brain!

Yayyyy for Friday~did I already mention that????

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2011: The Past, Present & Future

Dancing penguins make me happy~

 (stamps:Papertrey Ink Winter Penguin/A Thrill of Hope  dies:Avery Elle Elle-ments Bookmark,My Favorite Things Die-namics Gift Card Groove)

Dancing penguins on a bookmark? 

~even happier. 

(stamps:Papertrey Ink Winter Penguin/A Thrill of Hope  dies:Avery Elle Elle-ments Bookmark,My Favorite Things Die-namics Gift Card Groove)

I created this bookmark/card combo for 

This is a mini-gift for next Christmas.

I think I could crank out a handful of these in no time!

 Yayyyy for Friday, people!!!


Thursday, February 16, 2017

2009: Celebrating the Past, Present & Future

Since I don't own the stamp sets highlighted, I created a collage-card from items I own.

I'm trying to clean off my desk and the more I use...the better chance I have of finding my lost items!

 (die:Papertrey Ink Counting My Blessings)

I drew inspiration from Nichole's gadgety creation here for the inside of my card~

How cool is this?


 She created notches for character~but I see a pocket of possibilities!

I added a slit to hold this double-sided bookmark~

(dies: Papertrey Ink Counting My Blessings/Inspired:Hope, My Favorite Things Die-namics Gift Card Groove/bookmark,Avery Elle Bookmark)

Here's the coordinating back of the card to make sure the bookmark doesn't slip through.


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2010-Celebrating the Past, Present, Future

I am loving these flashback celebrations at Papertrey Ink!

I happen to own Wreath for All Seasons, so I created a "now" project.

I added lots of black accents and a black & white patterned frame~for a modern look.

(stamps: Papertrey Ink Wreath for All Seasons/Counting My Blessings Mini,Altenew Halftone Circles  dies:Papertrey Ink Songbirds,Spellbinders Scalloped Circles,My Favorite Things Peek-a-Boo Wonky Windows,Avery Elle Wonky Stitches)

 I've had the striped sticky paper for years~it was nice to dust that off too!

Have a good one~


Monday, February 13, 2017

2007:Past, Present, Future

(stamps: Papertrey Ink The Sweet Life/Tinsel & Tags  dies:Papertrey Ink Tinsel & Tags Basics)

I don't own the releases that were highlighted at Papertrey Ink's 2007 celebration, so I drew inspiration from this beautiful set by Kate.


 I love her stamped background and her shaped (and framed) sentiment.

I recently purchased the Tinsel & Tags set and I don't want to wait for Christmas!

Stamped in pastel colors (backed by stamped flowers)...I think this can pass for a Spring/Valentine card.

Since I used a heart and flowers...

I'm also submitting this to 


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Celebrating the Past, Present and Future

I'm sharing today a project I'm most proud of that uses Papertrey Ink products~

This is a card which I created for the most recent video contest.

 (stamps: Papertrey Ink Spruce & Sprigs  dies: Papertrey Ink Winter Woods/Counting My Blessings)

When I see it in my "portfolio" of projects, I know I stretched myself by videotaping and going through the steps of entering.

I'm also proud of coming up with my washi tape dip technique. ;)

I had to find an excuse for my growing washi tape collection.

ahem. ;)

I'm excited to be able to share this other card here also~

(stamps: Papertrey Ink Sparkle & Shine Holiday Additions   dies: Papertrey Ink Sparkle & Shine Words)

Both of my cards use my washi tape dip technique, in which I lay washi on paper and then die cut it for that dipped look.

 In my second card I used the branch die for an embossed look.

Here's the link for the challenge in case you have something you would like to share also~

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Thursday, February 9, 2017

Stamped Dangles & Some Doodling

I rarely doodle...but I'll do it for a challenge.  ;)

(Papertrey Ink Inspired:Hope/City Scene moon/Grunge Me bird/Tinsel & Tags star and heart(limited edition kit)  die:Papertrey Ink Tinsel & Tags Basics)

hosted by Amy

I even doodled on the circle panel (glad I practiced on the back...it took me five tries to decide baby orange x's would work).

 I found this therapeutic~I'm sure you will too!

Have a lovely Thursday, friends~

wait, it's Thursday, right? 

yes, yes, have a lovely Thursday :)


Friday, February 3, 2017

Red, Pink, Chocolate

Chocolate, red and pink~classic Valentine combination!

(stamps:Verve Great Friend/Love Story/More Than Love, Mama Elephant Cup of Wishes dots  die:Verve Lovely Marquee)

Inspired by these colors~


lovely "love", swirly-girly inspiration pic helped too~


I had to redo this card.

One main reason, I can't seem to grasp the power of red.

After carefully stamping the flowers, I initially inked the dots in red.

Know what it looked like?


Blood splatters.

No matter how pretty- looks like a crime scene.

I almost always do this when trying to incorporate red.

Good thing there aren't any creatures appearing on this card or it would have looked even worse.

Can't go wrong with chocolate splatters, though~yes please!

Have a good one~

Thursday, February 2, 2017

Love & Polka Dots

Here's another quick post~

(dies:Papertrey Ink Songbirds leaves,Newton's Nook Darling Hearts love,Avery Elle Wonky Stitches Elle-Ments)

I went with these colors again~but this time added green.


LOVE the white on green polka dots in this paper!!!!


That's it for me today~I think. ;)

Celebrate With Yellow,Black & Red

I'm doing a quick post here~had time to make a card before the deadline.

(stamps & dies: Papertrey Ink Celebrate Big,Essentials by Ellen Stay Golden)  

I pulled the colors from this photo~


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