Sunday, December 28, 2014

Where In the World Did I Disappear To?

I can't believe I haven't blogged since what....July? Seriously?

Good grief.

Forgive me.

In August we visited family in Hawaii....

graduated a daughter.... (my FIRST homeschool graduate!)...

threw her a shindig...(first party at this house EVER..we've lived here 6 years people)...

Displaying photo.PNG

threw a sweet 16 party for our middle girlie (and her bff) within a month of that

with customized table decor like these

Displaying photo.JPG

and treats like these...

Displaying photo.JPG

(these marshmallow pops were fun to make...find the recipe here)

and I've driven a 13,16 and 18 year old everywhere and anywhere they've needed to be since then.

I haven't stopped creating though!

I always have my 

I've been tweeting like mad at

@marlenaisms if you're interested in seeing my phone app creations and unending thoughts. ;)

I don't know how to add that official little diddly that tells you how to go there from my bloggy border...but I'm happy just to blog ANYTHING, SERIOUSLY, for now.

By the way, a SCREAMING shout out to dear Amy
who blessed me with a card this Christmas!

I was so touched, I could have cried. 

no joke.


ONE, this year! 


The rest were when I opened my mailbox and I saw a beautiful creation from her...well, it made me want to stamp again.

It was SO SWEET Amy~thank you for thinking of me hon!

I have just stamped a card and will try to post ASAP before the challenge ends...

miss you blogger friends!



~amy~ said...


cm said...

OMG, Marlena! Words can't convey how excited I was to see your name pop up in my Feedly. I have soooo missed you, and given the situation my family is experiencing right now (details on my blog), I can't tell you how spirit-lifting and smile making this post is! I'm thrilled! You've been incredibly busy! I'm cheering and applauding your 'graduated' girl (she's gorgeous), your 'creativity' in other realms and your 'promise' to share cards with us again soon. WOW...just plain old mega WOW!!

Annette Allen said...

so glad to see you back and blogging..