Wednesday, December 31, 2014

There's an App for That

"Though my innocence was taken...not everything is lost...

NOT EVERYTHING IS LOST" (Brandon Heath~Your Love)

This very phrase could sum up 2014 for Marlena McDeavitt, mother of three sweet teens.

This world is a big, overwhelming place for the kids of today.

The whole world is at their fingertips, whether we are ready for it or not.

THE WHOLE WORLD...good and bad.

I. can't. even.

Anyways, I'm glad the Lord has my girlies in the palm of His hand and He's given me the privilege of being their friend.

I can't imagine them doing this growing up stuff emotionally alone.

That being said, I've become a little App savvy and have faithfully created in the cyber realm.

I've taken this week's free beautiful verse at

(hey there, ladies!!!)

and created this wallpaper for my twitter account.

As I've mentioned in my "catchup" post, my job is driving teens around right now, so I create constantly with smart phone apps.

If you are wondering how I did this, here are a few tips.

I saved this week's verse, and pulled it up in this app (I paid a few dollars for it).

Then I filtered it

saved it, and pulled it up again on top of a previously pixellated/filtered pic (add photo over a selected background)

(make sure you slide that lever to your left so the bottom layer gets some shoutout).

Now, you can get all fancy or you can leave that beautiful verse alone.

Here's the great thing about this can use a "not so terrific" pic and do WHATEVER you want with it.

I wish I could remember what those gorgeous abstract colors used to be, but I've ran them through so many filters...your guess is as good as mine.

Back to this project...
save it, then pull it up in Instasize for the last step (app for cropping pics for perfect display on Instagram).

Now, I filtered AGAIN in the Instasize App...I am the filter queen...just like I say about Spoon can't have enough!! (in this case, filters ;) ).

I love the way the Aspen filter gives the words a beautiful blue hue.

Make sure you save it to your photo album so you can pull it up filtered and cropped.

There you have it...a wallpaper to share on your Facebook or Instagram Wall.

Hope this inspires you crafty bloggers who are currently in a season of treading water to stay alive....



Karen Letchworth said...

This is FABULOUS, Marlena! I also wanted to thank you for the sweet encouraging comment you left for me. It is a blessing, and TOTALLY the work of the Lord that our blog is thriving. It's ALL HIM and I am so grateful. Thanks for sharing your talents with us. We couldn't exist without the wonderful talents of our participants, so I can't thank you enough for linking up with us.
Have a blessed week and please stop by again soon.
Bless you,
Word Art Wednesday

cm said...

What a wonderfully inspiring verse you've selected to showcase with your marvelous "app-talents." Not only are you a gifted card-designer, but a tech-savvy designer as well! So gorgeous. I'm adding a smart phone to my wish list..I'm so pre-historic sometimes, it's hilarious! You make me smile - and so glad you have plenty of mom-daughters bonding time!