Thursday, June 16, 2011

A New World

Moxie Fab's Tuesday Trigger Rainbow Bright  has such wonderful colors to feast your eyes on!

   Once upon a time, when I was 13, I was hooked on Nancy Drew books!  She had a tasteful wardrobe (or so I was told) ;).  

   She had the perfect outfit for the occasion - whether or not she was in danger ;). 

    I thought life would be grand if I JUST HAD THE OUTFITS to wear!!!

    I don't know if I've changed much from that awkward teen so many moons ago.  Even now, I catch myself falling into the trap of coveting the perfect kitchen, or perfect bath....

...oh how my life would be better with those! ;)

   Since embracing card making...I have discovered a 


It may be silly...but I feel as though I have stumbled upon a new "virtual reality".  I admire gorgeous decor and NOW think...

   I can recreate that design in my next card! 

   It's almost like I ~CAN OWN~ that new lovely! ;)

   What a NEW WORLD this has opened up for me!  

   I may not be able to purchase EVERY color of a shirt I like (I always fret over which color would get me the most mileage vs which I really love the best)....

   but I could...

recreate a world

where I can have-


   How fun is THAT????!!!

   Plus, if I spend less on wardrobes and decor...

...maybe I can get more stamps! ;) 

   Ya think? ;)

Info: Sizzix Dress Ups Overalls, Stampendous Love Buds, MS ink, Staz on ink, Memento ink, Memento markers, Want2Scrap rhinestones


  1. So cute! Yes more stamps!! Who needs shoes and clothes when you can have ink and stamps?

  2. Too cute! I find myself thinking the same all the time - 'how much paper I could buy for x dollars, and hubby bought a WHAT?' LOL.

  3. Hey Marlena! Thanks for linking this up to this week's Tuesday Trigger in the Moxie Fab World! I'm so glad you joined in on all the fun! :)


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