Friday, April 1, 2016

Boo Boo Confession

Okay, confession, I fixed this boo boo before actually posting it
recently (but here's the original photo).

(stamp:Verve Words of Wisdom  dies: My Favorite Things Cross Stitch Oval, Avery Elle-ments Dotted Dies)

I couldn't get past the glare rising from the top left chunk glitter.

I know it's not earth shattering, but whenever I looked at this pic I couldn't NOT see it.

I've reorganized my craft space recently, and well,

  YAY ME I found this tool which I lost, like, 

a week after buying it 3 years ago.

It's an adhesive remover.

It's for removing adhesive.

hahaha...miss obvious me~

I've MISSED this little guy.

He helped me get that "what's that smear" off my card.

Even if you didn't notice it, trust me,

it would have mugged one of the innocent cards in my stash.

 Its greedy, sticky hand would have ripped off a rhinestone, sequin or anything else of importance.

Yay for Darnell's super cute idea~

I used to hate April Fool's (it has me all skittish cuz I'm an easy mark), but celebrating BOO BOOS is right up my alley!

Even if you don't have a pic to share, tell the story and show the cleaned up version.
We wanna know all the deets, kay?
Thanks for stopping by~


  1. Yes, we all have those tales to tell, if not the photographic proof? I'd like to know where you get that clever little tool from or what it is called? TFS! Hazel xx
    My Card Attic

  2. OH I need one of those magic eraser too, thanks for sharing your boo boo!

  3. It's dreadful the way that when we notice something, that's all we then see! Sounds like you did a great job rescuing a lovely project. Cara x

  4. I need an eraser for ink smudges, glue mishaps, torn paper that I pulled a sticker off...the list goes on and on :-)
    Nice card, Marlena, I do know what you mean by being the only one to see the boo boo and it still bothering you though!

  5. Great card, just is not fitting for insert it into battle with my Birthday happy :-)

  6. Hi Marlena, Your design layout is great, and I love the colors. I'm still looking for the 'glare' you mentioned, but it's a darling Boo-Boo card. Totally understand what you meant by this bugging you. With me, I don't see things until the photo, and geez, that camera sure picks it up, doesn't it! Happy A/F Day, and TFS (I'll have to check out the 'sticky tool' too. I need that!

  7. You're much too hard on yourself! This is just wonderful, and I like the card very much! Funny how we are our worst critics, isn't it?! What a fun hop this is! Bev

  8. Sweet wonderful Marlena, whose gallery I absolutely LOVE and adore! I need more hours in the day to comment, so I hope thosethought bubbles of "LOVE this" have been arriving! As for your 'can't NOT see it' glare (which I didn't see, honestly) refreshing to know that my tendency to 'fret' over little details is shared! Yayyy for the fix! Thanks for sharing your oopsie and its story!
    Hugs and love~c

  9. It's all about having the right tools! You cleaned this up perfectly.

  10. You are so right, I love tis little tool. I also lost mine for a while, then found it and wondered what it was for a bit of time. Then needed it for that overflow smudged glue and yes it was a miracle. I LOVE this little tool and feel it should be in every crafters kit (especially for those of us whose fingers are attracted to extra glue for smudging. Great save.

  11. I often get some glue specks on a card but figure this way. If it were perfect no one would know it was handmade with love. So if I can't remove it I either cover it up or just leave it be.

  12. High-Five for you...for finding that long-lost adhesive remover, and then using it! Argh, I've had problems with glue smears that could not be removed, along with stray heat embossing and bleeding markers. Congrats on finding something that worked to save this beautiful card!

  13. Your oopsie card looks pretty good to me, even with those blinding, shiny globes - Oh! they're sequins, sowwy :) Good on you for finding that adhesive remover. Would you believe when I re-organized my craft room once I misplaced my lightbox and couldn't find it for months?! I need help :P Seriously, your card looks pretty!

  14. TFS. Gluey dots! I think we all need one of those tools :) Glad it could be saved.

  15. I hate stray glue...always happens to me too!

  16. I have one of those nifty little erasers too, and I will go into full panic mode, if I can't find it...LOL!
    Glad you got to save your art.
    Thanks for dropping by my Boo Boo and leaving me a comment.

  17. I'm with you on that schmear, Marlena! And I love how you found your schmear eraser just when you needed him!! And it's cute, too! Sorry I didn't get to you yesterday. Half-way through the day I got the Blue Screen of Death from Microsoft and it took all day to scrub the computer clean and it wasn't cheap either! I kept hoping it was all an April Fool's joke, but alas, it wasn't. Thank you for being such a good sport and playing in my first BFCBB Hop!! I hope nobody pranked you or, if they did, I hope it was a fun one!! Hugs, Darnell

  18. P.S. (Early morning.) I forgot to say something VERY important! I really love this card, both the design and the uplifting message!!

  19. I know all to well about those little pops of ink smears, glitter gone wrong, etc...And although I can't see it in your photo (even enlarged the pic) I know how it can drive a person mad! I'm so happy to hear that you found your adhesive eraser, that one looks pretty cool and one that I've never seen before. Glad it worked for you because this card was to pretty not to be used! Hugs, Brenda

  20. Pretty card Marlena, glarey bits and all

  21. I want one of those erasers !! Seems like your boo boo has given us all something else to add to our wish list so all is good in the end. Thanks for sharing.


  22. I didn't see it until you said it was there - but like you said, when you've spotted a flaw in your own work, you can see nothing else. It's like being a knitter - have you ever noticed, if you admire a wonderful hand knit that a knitter is wearing, maybe a complicated all over cable design, instead of thanking you for the compliment, they will point out that ONE wrong stitch out of all the thousands of stitches it took to knit?

  23. pretty card even with the boo boo. I can't tell you how many times I didn't realize mistakes on my cards till I went to photograph the card. Lights do show up mistakes! LOL Thanks for sharing!

  24. Funny story. That tool is my BFF!


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