Friday, October 21, 2011

~Having You for Parents~

My parents are the best.

They really are.

At the beginning of this month, they took us to Disney World.

I owe them a huge thank you.

Thank You, Mom and Dad

for feeding us... (LOL  ...A LOT!!!!...go for the meal plan but don't over-count)....

keeping us dry (mom thought ahead and packed us ponchos...good thing, rained straight for two days)...

for walking NON-STOP for six days so your grandkids could see ALL DISNEY HAD TO OFFER...

for flying all this way....

and so much more. ;)

I borrowed this sentiment from Pin-interest that I found when I searched for "dad".

I changed it to parents.

The challenges which inspired me:

I didn't use old scraps..but DID show my Justrite Curlz font and my Duncan Scribbles Aloha orchid 3D paint some love (it actually had lost the cover...but once peeling back the dry stuff, there was enough liquid in there to create little beads on my die cut flourish....YAYYYY!).

Oh, just a little tip if you're planning a Disney vacation soon....plan to walk.

  The last time I went...I was 14.  I only remember long lines.


all I can warn is...


But, the child in you will be so distracted by fun...that you'll make it. ;)


JustRite Curlz font, Duncan Scribbles Aloha orchid 3D paint,My Mind's Eye DP and die cuts,Creative Imaginations DP,Basic Grey DP


  1. Hooray for you and your family, that you all got to see Disney World together! That is so special. We were there last summer, and had some rainy weather too. The kindness of strangers provided us with rain ponchos. :) Bless those strangers!

    Your card is so wonderful, so heartfelt, your parents will love it. Oh, and love that pic of you with Eeyore!

  2. HOOOORAY for a great time with family! I love Disney but we never go--and we live 3 hours away! Love your pic of you and Eeyore! So cute:) And your card is PERFECT for your parents--great color story to use for a TU card! LOVE the strips of paper--almost like rays coming from the sentiment:) THANKS so much for joining in the fun and playing along with us over at the PDCC!

    THANKS for stopping by my blog--you made my day!

  3. Oh looks like you had a fab time Marlena! We went two years ago to Florida, and I have a picture of my children with the same eeyore as it was Hallween when we went too! It was very hot, and we had a wonderful time, and are planning to return in 2013, sound like a long wait, but we are waiting for our youngest to be big enough for all the rides! Love your fabulous card, what a wonderful dedication to your parents.

  4. I was in Disney the same time...we had a blast! Love your sentimental card, Marlena! I feel we don't appreciate our parents until we become parents...I love mine very much too!!

  5. You must have had an excellent time! My parents want to take my boys to Disneyland soon. Thanks for the tips! Your card is beautiful, love the way you've incorporated the colors. And, you asked how my blog got it's name? Here's what I posted last year: "Mama", he asked, "is there such a thing as a bald dragonfly?" "I don't think so, honey, but I'm sure we can create one..." And thus is the story of how The Bald Dragonfly, my little ol' blog that is one today, came to be!

  6. What a heartfelt sentiment, I'm sure that your parents will adore this card, Marlena! The colors are gorgeous and the design is stunning! Thanks for playing along with us at the Play Date Cafe!

  7. Such a great sentiment, Marlena! And what a reason to be thankful this year! Thanks so much for playing along with us this week at The Play Date Cafe!

  8. What a great card for your parents Marlena,they sound like real sweethearts! Delightful sentiment too ;)

  9. What a great card with a sweet sentiment!!!


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