Thursday, January 1, 2015

One Day At a Time 2015

Dear 2015...

I will NOT try to tackle you WHOLE, months or even weeks at a time.

I don't have that guarantee.

Nope, I will take you one day at a time like my God intended.

So today, I will pick up from yesterday and push through like I did every day in 2014...

minute by minute by hour by hour by day and before I know it, I'll be telling 2016 the same thing I told you, Lord willing.



Ok, we can do this, right crafty friends???

One day at a time.

I wanted to pick up from my last post...which was YESTERDAAAAYYY because I don't want to stop blogging now that I've started up again....

I've created another wallpaper for

I DO remember what photo I used for the background so I went back and took screenshots for you so you can see how a throwaway worthy photo can be transformed into an interesting backdrop.

Once again, I'm using this smartphone app

Here is the photo I used

It's a quick snapshot I sent to my sister of the last sponges I snatched up for her at the Body Shop near me (they've closed her local stores down so I am her new dealer ;) ).

Here's what I did with this diamond in the rough...

STEP 1: Pull it up in the app I mentioned and crop it square
 (esp if you plan on Instagramming me, it will save you lots of headaches and unneeded stress).


I'm just sayin'.

STEP 2: Don't jump to filter just yet.
Tricked ya there didn't I ;), let's change the Mood first.

We are wayyyy past Autumn but I don't care...I love the warm orange color.  

WARM is my new motto.

It really is.

STEP 3: NOW we play filter.

I think Vibrant is what I used...let's just say I did.

STEP 4: Add the lovely free verse you saved from Word Art Wednesday.

You DID save it right? It's gorgeous and wise...PLEASE SAY YOU DID.

Now I pulled it up in the previous project and had already cropped it to the size I wanted~so I might be one step ahead of you. If it's not the size you want you need to save your project where you are at and pull that verse up ALONE and crop it to your liking.

Then you can pull that project back up and join me back here.

Go ahead.

I'll wait.

Ok, now, when you get to this part...make sure you slide to the left to lighten (fancy term "Opacity") it up a bit. I just think it looks more blended when you do.

STEP 5: I hope that's the number we are at; I'm losing count already.  Geez, are you still with me?


Wellllll, if you are a sweetheart and I'm so so sorry for taking so long.



Ok, I pulled up the Artwork feature:shapes are free at the moment.

This one is pretty.

Now, you can lighten it, but you can't size it just yet so don't panic.

Just click that blue check (you can go back to lighten later if you wish).

SEE? What did I tell you? Here's your chance...drag that arrow out, but make sure you stay within the colored borders or it will get cut out when you save it.

I believe that's it.

Save it.

Now, if you choose to pull this up in Instagram and it doesn't fit...crop it in Instasize
 (a free App you download) then try again.

You need to play with it to figure it out but I hope I helped make it less scary.

If you have lots of "in between time"...(I'm an expert at 15 minute waits until the next dance class),

try your hand at this app.

It's the perfect window to give it a go and not lose your patience.

If it frustrates you...



You COULD slam it against a wall and show it who's boss but then you'd be sad cuz they are expensive.

So don't do that.

Just save your work and play Candy Crush or something until your kid comes out of dance class or whatever they are enrolled in.

Then ask them what to do.

They are smarter at these things than we are most of the time anyway,

at least my kids are.

I tell them about life and they tell me about APPS.


We've got a good exchange going on here.

I'm awfully chatty going into this poor husband.....

I believe he needs prayer.  

I'm going to be a handful,

 I can already tell...


  1. Oh my oh my..another stunning wall-paper! I am soooo book-marking this post because once that smart phone is in my hands, look out...I'll be coming back to follow your steps! Your rock!

  2. Great design on this one and I love that you are able to incorporate our Word Art. It makes me happy to see other believers proudly sharing God's Word in their artwork. Thanks for blessing us with your artwork last week at Word Art Wednesday. There is still time to join us for our Challenge this week so, I hope you link more projects with us. Leaving you with God's Word in Hebrews 7:25 which says, "Therefore he (Jesus) is able to save completely those who come to God through him, because he always lives to intercede for them." God bless always!

    JO ANN


Thank you for your kind words and taking the time to stop in! ;)