Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Reverse Flowers Sympathy Card

hosted by Dawn McVey

stamps: Papertrey Ink Bold Blossoms/Words of Comfort  dies: Papertrey Ink Bold Blossoms/Songbirds banner/Brushed Off Rectangle for a stencil

This challenge is appropriate for a sympathy card~

with the leaves displaying full color, rather than the flowers.

My new favorite pink is Pale Peony~so I matched it with outlines in Autumn Rose.

Both pinks sit on the warm side, and harmonize well. 

I did a little sponging on a brushed off rectangle, creating a subtle frame for the images to rest on.

 Thanks for stopping by~


  1. I like all the texture on your card and the color choices!

  2. I agree! I also chose to do a sympathy card with my white florals. I love that your card is all pinks with the white. Makes the color a focal point. And the bg inking is stunning! Beautiful card!

  3. Lovely, lovely card Marlena and I agree too that the white flowers are perfect for a sympathy card! Loving the Pale Peony and Autumn Rose outline colors and that beautiful soft background too! :0)

  4. Lovely sympathy card. So soft.


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