Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Wooden Bracelets and a 200th Celebration


If I could add emojis to this post, 

I would...

because there is a reason to celebrate, my bloggy friends.

Word Art Wednesday is celebrating their 200th!!!

To God be the glory!!!

Challenge #200 - LET'S CELEBRATE!!!

This is no small feat, my friends...I have dropped out of sight for MONTHS at a time.

You don't know how much it means to me to come back and see this sweet challenge site still around.

It's a 2 for 1...

Godly Devotion + Fun Challenge....

Make that a 3 for 1

+ Free Word Art scripture.

It doesn't get much better than that.

I wanna share this project I took the time to finish...

I got the bracelet idea here...

but didn't make it in time for the Papertrey Challenge.

I'm gonna help you out and share this pic of the Mason Jars I bought.

I've wanted a reason to get a dozen (I don't there goes that enabler).

You bring the sticks to a boil and leave soaked for 30 minutes then...

 you do this.

cuz I'm a goober...

 I tried to wrap the sticks AROUND the opening the first try....

with rubber bands, clips...

you name it ...


By the time I reread instructions and realized they should be placed IN...too much time was lost.


Embarrassing too because my youngest, who is 14 and VERY SMART...figured straight up that

THAT'S how it went...


 YOU'RE welcome

 if this helps you cuz you're a visual person like me. ;)

By the time I was done fussing with those poor sticks...

they became perfect for a larger wrist.

Good news, though...Crop-Dile punchers pierce right through them (when dry) I added twine to keep those pretties ON the recipients wrist.

I'm pretty excited to be using up those huge popsicle sticks.

I'm also pretty excited to memorialize those gorgeous paper prints in a 3D way.

I pray your week is flowing along smoothly...

if not...

I'm so sorry.

I pray that the Lord strengthen you and keep you and that He give you wisdom to drive forward.

~In Him~



  1. Hey Marlena--nice to hear from you today. Hope you've been well. Love the bracelets. And, totally get the feeling when the kiddos become smarter than the parent!

  2. Super cute bracelets, glad you saved them to share with us!! So glad you have joined in our celebration of 200 challenges at Word Art Wednesday! Thanks for playing along!! God bless!

  3. Lovely bracelts, I am sure they will make someone smile!! Thank you for joining of 200th Challenge at Word Art Wednesday! Ginny DT WAW


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