Sunday, January 12, 2014

Military "Brats" Are Anything But

Military brats aren't really brats.

They are actually pretty awesome.

Of course, I'm biased...raising three of my own~plus my mother and her sisters belonged to the same club.

On that note...

when I saw CASology Week 77 Challenge

I wanted to bring out this bubble blowing girl again.

The "color with camo" idea seems to be my latest theme....

Military kids ARE different...but that can be a good thing.

They have lots of cool experiences and perspectives to share with the corner of the world they settle in.

There are other kids who also move around a lot and share the same vein~missionary kids...sales/marketing kids....I bet even witness protection kids.

I have mentioned before and I'll mention again this book
 (clinical but informative and healing).

It was a big answer when I was praying for guidance in raising our kids normally in a "settling in" type of town vs a military one.

I remember crying out to God about how "different" and weird we all felt since retiring and He practically threw this in my lap!

I soaked it up and it encouraged me on this journey~

One day those nomad kids will grow up and may struggle with explaining where "home" is ....or may trip up over who they are and where they belong.

That's ok.

I think we all struggle with that.

However, most are not usually called brats.

I think brats can call each other brats...because they get the inner joke that it's pretty tough living that sort of life.

The good news is that they are a culture all their own...

which means they are NOT ALONE.

die: Jamie Koay Girl Blowing Bubble (Silhouette Cameo) filled with Digital Pink Ink Hunting print (Silhouette Cameo)
stamp: Hero Arts Glow Girl
inks: Memento Pistachio,Hero Arts Cup 'O Joe,Papertrey Ink True Black
paper: Georgia Pacific White


  1. wow this is amazing.. I totally love it

  2. Fantastic card, Marlena. Love how the sentiments look like they are blown with the bubbles too. Thank you so very much for playing along with CASology this week.

  3. Marlena, your card is wonderful, but I must say that so is your entire POST! An eye-opener for me...I have many relatives who are in the military and live all over the world, but I never stopped to think about the effect this experience may have on their kids. Thanks for sharing that resource, glad to hear it was so helpful to you. I'm so glad you shared your fun, bubbly card with us at CASology this week!

  4. Completely different and totally cool. And thanks for your insight on military families. It really gave me pause as my father threw the "military brat" term around a lot when we were younger. We just picked it up without even knowing what it was all about.
    Thanks for playing along with CASology this week!

  5. No... they are never alone! They just have to be reminded from time to time... Super cool card... love the camo.

  6. Another remarkable insight from you, Marlena. Yes, 'brat' does conjure interesting connotations, especially for those of us not familiar with military lives and backgrounds. We moved around a lot when I was a kid (my dad a geodetic surveyor), so I can empathize a little with the 'being transient' experience (I felt transparent...still do). The book landing in your lap: wonderful answer to your prayer. Your post landing in our "laps": wonderful eye-openers to lives different from our own. Because you've shared, you and your girls need not feel 'alone' any more - you have us, and we, in turn, have you! Love that kind of math! Your card: totally cool, as in COOL!!


Thank you for your kind words and taking the time to stop in! ;)