Friday, January 10, 2014

Like He Deploys Tomorrow

This Unity sentiment melted my heart the moment I laid eyes on it...

Unity Friends With Flair

My husband has been retired for five years now...after serving 22 years.

Suffice it to say I know a thing or two about deployments and the toll it takes on a family.

I also remember that petty things stay on a shelf, because they really DON'T MATTER.

It doesn't hurt to live each day with that memory of him bravely heading toward a hostile environment with



He really was


my biggest hero.

2-die cuts

This stamp from ODBD sucked the air out of me the moment I laid eyes on it too.

It took me to a memory about 10 1/2 years ago...when my husband spared me the "big goodbye" on his way to a war that had just begun.

He wouldn't let me drive him,

because he wanted me to stay home with the girlies (6,4,2).

He knew it would be long and drawn out...and we were already crying.

I can still see him walking away with all his gear on his back~

I wasn't sure I would see him again.

There aren't many words for a moment like that.

dies: Spellbinders Wonky Rectangles, Jamie Koay Victorian Couple Dancing (Silhouette Cameo)...I filled the design with a camouflaged print and offset
stamps: Unity Live Each Day,Our Daily Bread Designs Not Forgotten
ink: Versamark
other: Ranger Super Fine Detail black embossing powder,staples


  1. truly beautiful card. thank you to you and your husband
    -Rachel w k

  2. WOW The card is amazing and the message it gives is so powerful. Thank you for sharing your feelings and story with us. I am sure it must be so difficult for military families. We need to thank all involved. Have a wonderful day.

  3. Such a beautiful and inspirational card. We thank those who serve and their familes for all they sacrifice.

  4. Oh, Marlena! What a beautiful card and message! Your post is so moving, and I thank you, your precious husband and children for your service to our country! I can imagine how you must have felt when you first saw this ODBD image, and you've used it beautifully to pay tribute to your family and all the many who sacrifice so much for our freedom! Thank you…and I'm so glad you've entered this card for this week's ODBD Shining the Light challenge! You truly have shined the Light of Christ with it, since I know that you trust Him with your family and life! Warm hugs!!

  5. What a creative, wonderful card. I make cards for OWH, sending thank you cards to our heroes. My thanks to your hero too.

  6. Thanks to your husband and to your family for your service to our country. I am so glad your hero came home safely. :) This is a beautiful card! God bless you!

  7. Heartfelt story and fitting card design. Many thanks for his service and to you for supporting him. I believe the whole family are the hero's. Happy New Year to you and yours.

  8. I love this -- and your post -- and your loyalty to your husband.

  9. This is a beautiful sentiment Marlena!! Thanks to your husband and your family for your service to the country!! May God bless you!!

    Your card is so fun!! The silhouette is so creative in the patterned paper. Thanks so much for joining us at ODBD this week!!

  10. Beautiful card and sharing, Marlena!! Thanks for giving us a peek into what it was like being a military family. I'm learning that all that there are so many things that are not important in this world to focus on, the petty things like you said. God bless you and your family, Marlena. Take good care!

  11. This is just beautiful for your husband. God bless and take care.

  12. This is a wonderful creation for you husband, Marlena.

  13. what a great sentiment! love the camo couple dancing!

  14. This just brings tears to the eyes! Such a beautiful card and sentiment! I'm thankful for the protection God gave your husband, you and your girls those 22 years! I'm thankful for his service and yours! Thanks for joining us at ODBD!

  15. Such a beautiful card---your words are profound!

  16. Once again, I'm running, late, but I always catch up - and starting here...Marlena, your post is touching, to the point where I can feel the tears starting. I cannot imagine the heart-ache of good-byes, or the swells of love with reunions. I cannot imagine the despair of 'not knowing' or the joy of 'knowing'. I cannot imagine the long days of you and your girls, only or the seemingly short days of your family together. Your husband is a hero; you and your girls, supporting him from home, are heroes. Twenty two years: an accomplishment of exponential proportions. I'm so glad he's home, retired, with you, with your girls. Your card: perfect! Hugs~c


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