Thursday, August 16, 2012

~10 Min Card!!!~

I was afraid to do this, but jumped in anyway.

Could I do it?

Could I save a card in 10 minutes?

I figured I'd just start.

It happened in 8 minutes (give or take a second).

The apple is a sticker (ripping the bag open took me the longest time).

I stamped the sentiment on the sticker and assembled remnants.

My favorite way to create is to use what's left on my desk.

Try it.

Come on.

Just Start. ;)

My sentiment is from Verve's Words of Wisdom.

The sentiment inspired me to jump in! ;)

Make something today!


  1. Very cute card! Love the apple sticker!

  2. wahooooooo...looks fabulous!

  3. What a fun card! The sentiment "just start" is PERFECT for our challenge- I think people are intimidated by the timer, but if you "just start", it's not too terribly hard. :)

    Thanks for joining us in the 10 Minute Craft Dash! I hope you'll play along again!

  4. So pretty Marlena. Love the background and that sweet apple. I also like the punched design on top. It's an extra plus that it only took 10 minutes. :o)

  5. 10 minutes??? It takes me hours to create a card and days for a LO - lol!! This is such a lovely card and I'd have never guessed 8 minutes - you rock!! ~ Blessings, Tracey

  6. Sound like fun! I would love to make a card in 10min. You made a great 10 min. card.

  7. OH i am SO glad you joined us! see that beautiful card... you did it under 10 minutes! i'm going to say that you should join us again for SURE :D i love this card... and your apple is simply perfect (and i seriously love that you had time to put that perfect ribbon on your card too)

    thanks so much for joining :D

  8. Great 10 minute card! Love the idea of using a sticker. Wasn't that a fun challenge?

  9. Oh how fun! 10 minutes is such a challenge, and your card turned out beautifully!

  10. Fabulous card in under 10 minutes! I don't think I've done that quick of a card in over a year! lol

  11. What a beautiful card and quick is MY kind of card! :)


Thank you for your kind words and taking the time to stop in! ;)