Sunday, April 2, 2017

April Fool's Day

I detest April Fool's Day...I'm an easy mark!!!!

But Darnell's April Fool's Day Challenge makes it less painful.

I posted this card recently...
(stamps:Papertrey Ink Stylized Autumn/Charmed sentiment  die:Papertrey Ink Stylized Autumn)

Here was it's predecessor.

It's not HORRIBLE...but  it looks like the leaves are trying to catch the flowers.

 I didn't see it until I took a picture and I couldn't shake the awkward feels.

It was a simple fix...I just attached another bloom.

As my daughter would I feel like I have my life put together.


I know it's the day after April Fool's, but Darnell has this challenge open until the 11th.

There's still time to share your NBUS or bOO bOOs.

Thank you Darnell, for making April Fool's less intimidating, I look forward to this every year!



  1. You're very welcome, Marlena! And thank you for being a good sport and sharing! I confess at first I wasn't sure what you were seeing, but then when you splained it, I totally see what you mean and get it! It's funny, too, when you think of it with the pretty sediment you used cuz it's like the flowers and leaves are NOT making a commitment to each other, lol! I'm glad it was an easy fix to harmony because it's a beautiful card! Thanks again! Love ya, Darnell

  2. After I read the post, I totally got what you saw there. You had a great fix, though!

  3. The addition of the third bloom made a huge difference! Fabulous design now, especially with that beautiful ombre background! Have a great week! Luv n’ Hugs. Hazel xx
    My Card Attic

  4. At first I did not see what was wrong with your card either and to tell the truth it still would have worked for me but by adding another blossom you really brought the whole design to a new level. I love it.

  5. Gosh Marlena, I thought what is wrong with the predecessor?!!! Until I read what you wrote, I couldn't see what the problem was with your lovely card. lol Just goes to show you the mind doesn't always see other's mistakes! Glad it was an easy fix because it is a beautiful card! Hugs, Brenda

  6. I do stuff like that all the time, Marlena. But it is usually after I have posted the card, take a second look then have to add something to 'balance' out my design! Nice recovery on this lovely card :-)

  7. Didn't see what you meant until I saw the improvement - well done for sharing. Thank you for the lovely comment on my blog.

  8. Like everyone else I didn't see what was wrong with your card, but have to agree that the extra flower really makes it look wonderful xx

  9. That's too funny reading you describing the leaves trying to catch the flowers! I find it amusing that we don't see these things until the pictures are taken and then wham! Slapping the forehead moments hit us! It's a very pretty card and I'm sure you're thankful it was an easy save :)

  10. It's funny how we see errors that others just wouldn't notice. I love both cards, but I do see that the final bloom did finish it off nicely. Very pretty cards - and if only all mine were that easy to save :)!

  11. I really like both cards. Although you are right, on the first card flowers are better embedded. But I like both of them. I love the unruly twig on the left.


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