Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Simply Life

Hey friends, it's been a tough week.

Things have been really real.

Like, realer than real ~ joy and sorrow all wrapped up into what is simply life.

Long story short...we celebrated my second girlie's graduation (yay!!!) on the 13th...but literally two hours before guests arrived...

we got a call that my mother-in-law was found dead...she had passed in her sleep.


What do you say, do, THINK...

in a situation like that?

My thoughts...
Please help me Jesus.

He did.

I called my prayer warrior friends...wiped my eyes... and we
still welcomed people to our home.

With our hearts breaking we celebrated...

...because Grammie would have wanted it...

because her death and absence was not going to get any easier from this day on...

and because God gave us the grace to do this...this day.

The day my husband lost his mother...

my girlies lost their grandmother...

and I lost my friend.

Plus, if you knew my mother-in-law...you knew she would have been MAAAAD if we didn't move forward with this gathering to celebrate my Shelby.

Here's a shot of what we prepared before guests arrived (literally last decoration hung before that heart wrenching phone call)...

God wasn't surprised by the timing, I just know it.

Hours earlier, and we would have scratched the whole thing, obviously.

However, people that love us were coming here to celebrate...and what would my daughter have to remember that day?

Guests arrived...hugged us and loved on us and we all tried our best to process the shock.

It really was a beautiful day...despite it being such a shockingly sad day too.

It's amazing how God helps us with that.

Oh yah...you came to see my card...

(stamps:Verve Borderline/Coffee Helps  dies:Verve Mini Bookplate)

 It's simple, but straight, and straight is an accomplishment for me!



 Hope I didn't bum you out...that wasn't my intention.

I'm all over the place with emotions this week~I hope you understand.

Please bear with me friends.



  1. Oh Marlena! I hope you can feel my arms wrapping around you for comfort as you and your family process this unexpected and sad news. My heart hurts deeply for you. I know how you feel, having lost my dad a short year and a half ago. Continuing with the celebration: I agree that's what Grammy would have wanted, and I know her spirit was right there with you. Your strong faith will give you strength...even in the midst of the tears that must be shed. They're interconnected. Whatever you need to get through these next hours, days, weeks and months, know that we're here for you. Your card: beautiful!!
    Hugs, prayers and love coming your way!

  2. I am so sorry for your loss Marlena, I know how hard it is to lose someone we love. I'm still all over the place with my emotions since losing my husband 10 months ago. But I think that is exactly what your MIL wanted, for you all to go on and celebrate that beautiful granddaughter of her's!! I know she will watch over you all and she was celebrating right along with her darling granddaughter. I'm glad that you had friends and family that night. You honored your MIL by living and celebrating, keep celebrating her life as well. Big hugs, Brenda

  3. Your card is lovely, and serene, Marlena; thanks for joining us at Just Add Ink this week. Sorry for your loss. x

  4. So sorry to hear of the sudden passing of your Mother in Law, Marelena. I'm sure, as you say that the gathering that you had for your daughter was well timed and so lovely that you were all together soon after you heard the news. The card you've made is gorgeous- beautifully clean and the black touches add a lovely elegance. Thank you for sharing with us at Just Add Ink this week.xo

  5. Marlena thanks for joining us at Just Add Ink this week and sharing a glimpse into such real events as losing your dear MIL that affect us all at times. We really appreciate you taking the time to share your lovely CAS winter card.

  6. This is a wonderful post Marlena - as you say....it's real and its joy and sorrow all wrapped up together. I'm pleased you were all able to celebrate together and at the same time be able to share are very real moment in your lives.
    Thank you for sharing your straight lines and CAS style card during what is a difficult time. Chantell JAI

  7. Such a soft wintry card. So sorry to read about your loss. So often joy and sorrow come wrapped up in one big unexpected package and it sounds like you handled it with grace and strength. Will be thinking of you and your family this week.

  8. So sorry for your loss. Your card is lovely and elegant.
    Thank you for joining us at Inkspirational Challenges.


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